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Industrial abrasive paper roll with foam

Full resin bonded aluminium oxide paper with anti-clogging additive, C weight backing - with latex - open coating.

- Dry use.
- Low clogging.




Industrial rolls
A-Aluminium Oxide
Automotive Applications
Paints, Priming, Fillers, Lacquers
Product Dimensions Grit Packaging
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 400 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 240 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 500 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 280 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 320 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 600 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 150 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 360 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 180 1
SAITAC RI-SOF 4S 115 x 25 220 1