Discs, wheels, sheets, rolls,
belts, wide belts, non-woven products and metal brushes.
Sheets, rolls, discs, strips,
belts and wide belts.
Discs, wheels, sheets,
diamond blades, grinding and cutting wheels.
Sheets, rolls, discs,
strips and wheels.


Established in 1953, SAIT ABRASIVI S.p.A. is today one of the most important abrasive manufacturers in the world producing both bonded and coated abrasives for the industrial market. It is a member of both FEPA (European Federation of Abrasive Producers), based in France, as well as OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives), based in Germany.
3 plants in Italy, 8 associated companies worldwide, 10 sales branches in Italy, 200 specialists in the sale of abrasive products, 150 international partners, over 90,000 products, are all strengths that SAIT Customers can benefit from. A great, flexible, modern, professional organisation, always aware of the evolution of the market and requirements of Customers.

All our products are submitted to strict audited quality controls in order to guarantee safety in use...

10 branch offices in Italy, 8 wholly owned subsidiaries throughout the world, a sales force of over 200 people, over 90,000 products and 150 world wide partners, these are all strengths that SAIT customers can benefit from.

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